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Oct 22 - We're headed to minivan world
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Aug 3 - Lauren and the Letter F
Jun 29 - Lauren and the Ambulance
Jun 7 - How Does Your Garden Grow?
May 16 - Lunar Eclipse
Apr 9 - My Thumb isnt Green Yet
Apr 9 - Subwoofer Fixed
Apr 7 - New Job at Novell
Mar 12 - Super Metroid


 The Flies are our Friends
After I finished making toast for breakfast for the girls, Melanie let out a scream of horror when a fly landed on hers. Sometimes bugs make her absolutely panic. I went to get the fly-swatter to take care of the problem, but that caused Lauren to burst into tears sobbing about how I couldn't kill the fly. "Daddy! Don't died Andy. He's my friend!" Meanwhile, Andy had landed back on Melanie's toast for another bite, so we had two screaming girls. So I spent the next few minutes shooing the fly away from Melanie's food, and sneaking in fly-swatter attempts. Of course, Lauren is too smart for that, and made me show her where Andy was after each swing. I guess I should count myself lucky that he got away.
 Camping, Camping, Camping!
We're certainly putting our new tent to good use! We've been camping at Payson Lakes two of the last three weekends, enjoying the cooler air of higher altitudes. The first trip was the annual 24th of July weekend campout that we do for my mom's birthday. Karen's family invited us along for their trip last weekend. We played hard and had a great time. See below for the details.
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 My Big Helper
Melanie makes life interesting by frequently taking off her diaper. She has even managed to get her diaper off while wearing zipper pajamas (without unzipping them). But today she took this trick a step farther...
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 How 'bout that MS150?!
Well, I did it! I finished the whole ride. We had a fun family outing, but we'll call it a trip instead of a vacation since both Karen and I wore ourselves out instead of relaxing. Read more about our adventure...
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 JK1.net is Back!
JK1.net is finally live again. It has taken a lot of work piecing things back together and there is still much to do. We've reconstructed all the stories but most of our other pages are still under construction, so for a while many of our links will be broken.
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 It's a Boy!
We have a son! Noah David Smith was born Friday, March 26, 2004 at 9:55 am. He weighed 8 lbs 1 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. After two weeks of major false labor and two trips to the hospital my doctor induced labor. I was very glad to know that we would not be sent home without a baby again.
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 JK1.net Server Problems
Today the server that hosts JK1.net suffered a severe hard drive crash. It seems there was a power brown-out during which any reads or writes to the hard drive caused data loss. It'll be awhile before we can get our site running again.
 Spring is Here
I don't care what the groundhog said, spring is here! You may not beleive it, but I proved it this very morning. In August I bought a new bike for the purpose of riding to work to get a little exercise every day. In November, it got too cold and I got too busy to keep riding so I put the bike away for the winter. Read on to hear about the end of winter.
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 Look Who's Talking
Today Lauren and Mommy tried to get Melanie to say all the words that we've heard her use. It was pretty fun. Lauren tried really hard to get Melanie to say "Lauren," but she wouldn't do it. Uncle Jordan has gotten her to say "Jordan" - sort of - but I've never noticed anything that means "Lauren." Read more for Melanie's vocabulary list...
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 "I Go Potty!"
A few days ago we went to a bank to conduct some business. As soon as we sat down Lauren leaned on the desk of the lady we were talking to and announced, "I go potty!"
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"A sunny morning, a flower growed."
--Lauren (3/2005)

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