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Nov 29 - Lauren's B-day Party
Nov 25 - Thanksgiving 2004
Nov 24 - The Sands of Time
Nov 23 - NetFlix
Nov 22 - Dinosaur Museum
Nov 21 - Joel Falls
Oct 21 - Goodbye, Altima!
Oct 4 - Bringing the Van Home
Oct 4 - JK1.van
Aug 24 - Munch, Crunch, Munch


 Outer Banks Vacation
We just returned from a swell family vacation to the Outer Banks. My whole family from my parents on down made the trip to North Carolina for the festivities. Everybody had a great time and we're already looking forward to the next one. The write-up is pretty long, but don't miss the video slideshow that my sister Jayne made.
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 Boys are Different Than Girls
Today as I was getting some milk for Noah, he spotted an ant on the kitchen floor. He squatted down and at first I thought he was trying to squish it with his finger, then I realized he was trying to pick it up (with one finger). He tried several times but the ant kept getting away. I just watched laughing to myself as I remembered the way Lauren and Melanie react to ants in the house. Then suddenly Noah had the ant on his finger and it immediately went into his mouth! I let out a little gasp of surprise, then smiled. Boys are just different.
 Letters from Home
We will often transcribe letters from our girls to relatives and friends, and they always make me laugh! These are the most recent, written to my younger brother on a month long trip.
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 Ahhhh, not again!
Through a series of unfortunate events and unbelievable coincidences, we lost the data on our server. Last time we had server problems at least we were able to recover some data from the bad hard drive. This time the hard drive basically erased itself.

Well, whatever, here we go again. It's going to take some time, but we are going to try to redo hundreds of hours of work from the last 5 years. Maybe this time we'll make periodic backups that we mail to various parts of the planet to decrease the likelihood that all our backups get erased - again. Grrr.

So for now, just ignore all the broken links and lack of content, we'll get it all back - I hope.

 Lauren's first baby
Lauren told me that she is going to name her first baby Padoe. She thinks it's a boy name. Maybe if she has a girl first she will name it a letter name - Z. Lauren said, "Maybe they will be nice to each other and play with each other, eat together, and watch kids shows together after they do their jobs." She also wants to name one Grover C. Smith.
 A Tragic Accident
Lauren had us rather puzzled last night when she ran to us crying hysterically and saying that she had ruined Melanie's toy. She was so upset that I knew something was really wrong.
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 Joel Told Me I Had to Put Up a New Story
So I did!
 Linuxmobile Back from the Dead
After catching rides to work with a neighbor for a couple of weeks, I finally got some time to "work" on my car. Since the end of the year was approaching, I only had a few days to decide whether to keep it or to donate it for a tax write-off. I charged up the battery, put some more oil in, and tried to start it. To my great astonishment, it started up fine! So I used it to drive to work on two days. On the second day, I was driving home in the dark, and my headlights kept getting dimmer by the minute. That clued me in that the problem was electrical. The engine must have killed because the alternator wasn't putting any juice out, and the battery drained enough to not be able to supply the spark plugs. Luckily, I made it home before that happened again, although my headlights were so dim I could barely see to drive by the time I pulled into the garage. On Saturday, I decided to try to replace the alternator myself.
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 Xbox Sleepover 2004
For the last few years, we've hosted a video game sleepover at our house over Christmas Break. I wrote about version 2001 here. Last night we had about 20 friends and family show up for version 2004. The game of the night was Halo 2, the much anticipated sequel to (you'll never guess) Halo. We had 6 Xboxes networked together so that up to 16 people could play against eachother at the same time.
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 Death of the Linuxmobile?
Well, it appears that my old car is dead. I usually have to put a quart of oil in every other week to keep it running, but it must have started burning oil faster, because it went from full to not-a-drop empty in two weeks. I was stopped at a red light when the car died. It wouldn't turn over to start either. I pushed it off the road, then later in the evening, got a tow home from my pal Marc.
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"A sunny morning, a flower growed."
--Lauren (3/2005)

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