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Feb 8 - Someone tried to burn it?
Feb 8 - Ghost Recon
Jan 30 - Halloween Page
Jan 1 - New Years Eve 2003
Nov 2 - Back from Canada, eh?
Sep 24 - Sprinklers and New Concrete
Sep 18 - Lauren is a Teletubby
Sep 17 - Concrete is Hard
Aug 30 - Baby #2 is here!!
Aug 23 - Vapor Trails Tour


 We're headed to minivan world
We announced to family members a while ago that baby #3 is on the way! I've slowly been working on a new baby page and it's finally up. We're very excited about the new baby. Lauren understands the whole thing a bit better this time and frequently talks about my tummy getting bigger and bigger.
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 Joel and the Psycho Diet
In June, I finally gave in and went to the doctor to see if I could get some drugs to cope with the allergy insanity that I have been going through during that time of year for the past few years. He prescribed some good stuff that did the trick. Too bad he didn't stop there. My blood pressure was a little high, and I had gained quite a bit of weight since the last time he saw me, and my cholesterol numbers were pretty high back then, so he wanted to test me again to see how I was doing. D'oh! Read on for the pain.,
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 Lauren and the Letter F
Lauren is always amazing us with her constant vocabulary and pronunciation improvements with one big exception: the letter F. She just doesn't make the F sound. Instead she uses W for most words and Sh for a few more, so we often hear wireplace, wix, woot, wace, winger, and shish. In our efforts to help her learn the phonetics of F, we often ask her to repeat a word after hearing us say it while watching our mouths. It never works, though. She hears F and says W. Read on for the rest of the story.
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 Lauren Takes a Ride in an Ambulance
Yesterday afternoon our oldest daughter, Lauren, came down with a very high fever due to a bug that the neighbor kids gave her. She was absolutely miserable so Karen and I force-fed her Tylenol every few hours. Last night late, Karen made her a bottle with some Tylenol mixed in so we could avoid the whole force feeding thing, but she wouldn't drink it. If only she had known...
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 How Does Your Garden Grow?
The peas did finally grow, and in a few days we'll be eating fresh peas! I planted lots more vegetables and they're doing really well. In the front yard I planted wildflowers and they look pretty and are attracting birds and butterflies just like the package said!
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 Watching the Lunar Eclipse
Lauren, Melanie and I had a fun time with the neighbors watching a total lunar eclipse last night. We were afraid we were going to miss it because we are so close to a tall mountain that the moon rose very late. You can check out the photos here.
 My Thumb isnt Green Yet
A few weeks ago when we had many warm sunny days Lauren, Melanie and I started playing outside a lot and I would weed. I am really excited about planting a garden this year, so I'm trying to get the soil prepared. It's amazing how big the weeds got before it was warm enough to feel like pulling them. As soon as I had enough soil ready I planted peas. That was 15 days ago.
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 Subwoofer Back from the Dead
A few months ago we were awakened in the middle of the night by an extremely loud rumbling noise. I jumped out of bed and ran toward the noise to see what on earth was going on in our house. It turned out the the subwoofer had decided to let us know what it thought of all the loud music that Karen plays. I started trying to figure out what went wrong.
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 New Job at Novell
Today I started a new job at Novell, Inc. in Provo. I'm a software engineer with the iPrint group. iPrint is a print service for networks which allows people to easily setup and print to networked printers. It's very cool stuff and I hope that I can become helpful to my team soon.
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 Super Metroid
One of my all-time favorite games is Metroid for the original Nintendo (NES) and I had never played its sequel, Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo. Ever since I got a Super Nintendo emulator for the Xbox I've been playing through Super Metroid slowly but surely.
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"A sunny morning, a flower growed."
--Lauren (3/2005)

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