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 Joel Takes a Spill
Yesterday I started a project to hang a pulley system from the garage ceiling to hoist my bike and our bike trailer up out of the way. As I was installing the first set, I leaned too far laterally and the ladder began to tip and bend; down I went. On the way down, I managed to bang my head on a concrete ledge which made me see a bright flash. Laying in a crumpled heap on the garage floor, I yelled to Karen for help. When she got to me, I asked if the ladder was broken, to which she only laughed. Maybe you can answer for me. She pulled what was left of the ladder out from under my legs, then helped me up. I have a huge goose-egg on my head, a few gashes and scrapes on my legs and arms, and a few bruises all over. Worst of all, I managed to strain my neck and upper back which makes it very difficult to be comfortable in any position.

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"A sunny morning, a flower growed."
--Lauren (3/2005)

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